How to Choose an American Fridge Freezer

American type fridge freezers have become integrated part of the mechanized kitchen in the modern society. Conventional refrigerator with small freezer compartment is found inadequate to meet the storage requirements of the families. There was a time in the distant past when people could shop for their daily requirements of food items. Preserving perishable food items for longer periods was not as much necessary as on today. Hectic lifestyles involving extended working hours caused hardships to families in spending time for daily shopping sprees. Consequently large quantities of food, beverages and diary products are to be procured and preserved for longer periods. Small freezer compartment became inadequate in such a scenario refrigerator repair los angeles.

American type fridge freezer has two separate compartments of refrigerator and freezer with enormous storage capacity. Consumers found them as the best solution to their problems in respect of preserving food items. Requirements vary from one family to another. Those who require equal space for fridge and freezer can choose a unit having same space for both purposes. There are others who prefer more refrigerator space and comparatively smaller freezer compartment. The ratio of the space available for both the facilities can be 70:30 or as desired by the respective consumers. Again there are two types of fridge freezers available in the markets. In the first type both units are accommodated side by side and in the second category the freezer compartment will be on the top of the fridge. Consumers can choose any of the above two categories according to the space available.

The consumers can visit the showrooms or relevant websites to find large number of fridge freezers available for them to pick and choose according to their needs, tastes and budget. Many innovative concepts and ideas are being translated into the making of those engineering marvels. In the last five years the lock, stock and barrel of the appliance have changed adding new features and mechanisms to it. It is now a sophisticated product with new amenities. Modern consumer is provided with machines with highest energy efficiency levels as a measure of cost reduction with respect of maintenance bills. Energy has become a very expensive commodity. Automatic defrost for refrigerator compartment and fast freezing capacity for the freezer unit are special features. Two different compressors with separate controls to maintain different temperature levels in both the compartments are provided. Separate thermostats regulate the temperature levels. Temperature warning system, automatic door closing facility, touch screen controls and LCD displays are other features. Remote control, child safety lock and water/ice dispensers with external access to avoid frequent opening of the doors are added advantages.

Products from leading manufacturers like Baumatic, Beko, Bosch, Panasonic, Hotpoint, Samsung, Smeg and Whirlpool are available in various sizes and with diverse features. The market is very vibrant and highly competitive. Apart from energy efficiency the accent is on environment friendly features. Modern fridge freezers are based on gases which are free from ozone depleting substances. The noise free, elegant looking fridge freezers are stylish and will compliment the individual kitchen ambiance. They are available in various colors and finishes. Consumers can peruse product reviews appearing on relevant websites to gather information about the various brands and models of American type Fridge Freezers. It is always better to exercise caution while buying an expensive appliance.

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