Important Reason to Exhaust a Clothes Dryer Outside

Occasionally people will mistakenly vent their dryer indoors believing that this is an effective way to add heat their home. However, there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. If you know someone who vents their dryer indoors, you may want to share these reason why they should stop immediately.

To meet code requirements

Codes typically require that the dryer duct be no more than 25 feet long. It should be 2.5 feet shorter than 25 feet for every 45-degree bend and 5 feet shorter for every 90-degree bend. For dryer venting that exceeds 25 feet in length, a booster fan is required. Ducts should have a diameter of 4″ and be made of smooth metal. Plastic venting should never be used because they collect lint, can be crushed and impede airflow. The male ends of the duct should face the direction of the airflow. The duct exhaust must not mix with or pass through other systems, such as the return-air plenum, because heat, moisture, and combustion gases could mix with the conditioned air in the home kenmore dryer repair los angelesĀ .

The vent should lead to the outside, and be at least 3 feet from any other opening. It should also have a termination cap and damper to keep vermin from entering the home. Because it could impede airflow, a screen at the end of the vent opening should not be installed.

To remove heat and moisture

The dryer heats the air in the drum to around 150F resulting in moisture leaving the clothing and saturating this hot air. A moist humid atmosphere is perfect for mildew conditions. Also, allowing the moisture to vent indoors results in the recirculation of moist air which will cause long dry times.

To remove dangerous fumes

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a lethal poison that is produced when fuels such as gas are burned. It can rapidly accumulate even in areas that might appear well ventilated. Because CO is colorless, tasteless, odorless and non-irritating, it can overcome an exposed person without warning. It frequently produces weakness and confusion, depriving the person of the ability to seek safety.

To remove lint from the dryer

The lint screen of a dryer does a great job of removing lint from the dryer but it does not remove it all. When this lint is prevented from flowing freely, it can accumulate in the vent and/or interior dryer resulting in a fire hazard. It is very important that the lint screen be cleaned with each load and the dryer venting is cleared on a yearly basis.

Although it may seem like a good idea during the cold winter months to vent the dryer inside the home but there are several reasons to avoid this. Moisture damage to the home, a fire hazard and possibly death should be convincing reasons to make sure venting is always clear and always vented outdoors.


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